About This Blog

Welcome to Carlo, Untucked. This blog is dedicated to people who like to experience life; those who refuse to let it float idly by.

Carlo, Untucked is authored by Carlo de la Rama. This blog will feature posts on his adventures living in the Greater New York area. In addition, Carlo will include lessons learned from his experiences. This is his debut in the blogging world and he will do his utmost to entertain his readers.

Why read this blog?

In a time where technology takes over the minds of so-called “Millennials,” Carlo pledges to take action by moving past stereotypes. He challenges notions which suggest that this generation has a low attention-span and a dependence on technology. The vision of Carlo, Untucked is to be a blog that shows the rewards of living life outside of a house.

About the Writer

I am Carlo de la Rama. I live in New Brunswick, New Jersey and I grew up in Jersey City right across Manhattan. I am a graduate of Rutgers University.


I went on to work for a publishing company called Dow Jones. I am currently in graduate school pursuing my Master’s in Human Resource Management at Rutgers University. I am working hard to become a commissioned officer in the United States Army.

Writing a blog has only been an idea for me…until now.


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