Great Escapes, With a Natural Finish.


Wooden tables put me at ease.

It is uncanny that nature’s sturdy product can visually help us relax.

“Be water,” professed Bruce Lee. He insisted that we should be fluid; to be smooth with our actions. On the other hand, my nature-inspired microcosm lies in something more solid.

Take wood. There is variety in wood. It symbolizes strength, such as the oak. It is also nimble, like balsa (which is pretty much  like cookie crumble).

When it comes to looks, I personally strive for a polished and clean appearance, similar to that of a fine wooden table. I attempt to be as presentable and pleasant in my demeanor. When it comes to fitness, I work on strength and virility, like Old Hickory and the tree that coined his nickname. Still, there is a human trait about wood: It burns. It is undoubtedly vulnerable.

Wood and Fire

Playing with fire is fun. No doubt about it. (Arson is a different story. Don’t do it.)

Actually, I’m thinking more along the lines of roasting marshmallows and cooking food over a stove. I especially like boiling water for my tea. Who doesn’t love tea?

Playing with fire is my metaphor for taking big risks.

My big risk is that I quit my job in order to attend graduate-school, full-time. I left my comfort zone, the place that generates money for tea. My food money. My clothing money. My superficial sense of status. What am I without my job? I am a tree vulnerable to the outside world. A wooden house susceptible to burning. But despite the stress, I am content in knowing that I am free to do as I please. But don’t get me wrong. Personal finance can be a stressful thing.

Escaping stress is vital, even for just a moment in time.

Everyone has an escape. One such escape is a coffee shop. It is certainly one of my favorite escapes. It acts like a river between a tree and a forest fire.

There’s something about a coffee shop’s warm drinks and reading material that helps me relax my mental knots. Give me a book and cup of tea. The lightly flavored swill making its way through the contours of my tongue is what induces calm. It is an escape until I fight the fire once again.

Famous people and their escapes:

Theodore Roosevelt and the United States frontier. After his mother and wife both died on the same day, he took a break from office and went onto a long outdoor adventure.

Clint Eastwood flying above the skies. His favorite hobby is flying helicopters. “I fly helicopters, so I just go off. You can be very quiet. You’re just a number in the skies.”

Francis of Assisi: On top of mountains. The Roman Catholic saint would frequently ascend mountains in order to pray. It was said that he received a stigmata during one of his retreats above La Verna, Italy.

If it clears your mind, gives you rest, and rejuvenates your sense of being, it counts as an escape.

What is your place of escape?



  1. Nice blog, Carlo! And nice to meet you at Hidden Grounds. Take care. -Amanda

  2. Shivani · · Reply

    “I’m from Jersey City. Nice blog!” -Irina

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